Gingerbread Christmas Cake

Christmas cakes to fall in love with

Christmas is all about tasty food and gathering together around the table with your loved ones. But when it gets to impressing your family and friends with your cooking skills, it’s not just the taste, the looks have a significant impact as well. There’s no better way to do it, than with a fabulous Christmas cake that will look stunning and make everybody remember your Christmas menu all year round. Scroll down through the most beautiful Christmas cakes that deserve to be the centerpiece of your festive table.

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Christmas trends 2017-2018 report

With Christmas cheer just around the corner and everything set and done, we’ve looked into what next year’s Christmas trends will have to offer. The four major trends for 2017 are bold, fun and filled with appreciation for nature and good old handcrafting. Just the way Christmas is supposed to be. Let’s take a look at what will sparkle on your next year’s Christmas tree.