Christmas cakes to fall in love with

Christmas is all about tasty food and gathering together around the table with your loved ones. But when it gets to impressing your family and friends with your cooking skills, it’s not just the taste, the looks have a significant impact as well. There’s no better way to do it, than with a fabulous Christmas cake that will look stunning and make everybody remember your Christmas menu all year round. Scroll down through the most beautiful Christmas cakes that deserve to be the centerpiece of your festive table.

Christmas Pavlova Cake

There’s something indisputably wintery about Pavlova cakes. The innocent whiteness of the meringue looks just like the first snow, while the addition of red fruits gives it that very Christmassy appearance. Named after the famous Russian ballerina Anna Pavlova, this meringue-based dessert originates from New Zealand, where it was created in honors of the dancer during her visit in 1920s. Here are the three Pavlova cake recipes that will look astonishing on your Christmas table.

Sources: Christmas Pavlova wreathHoliday cranberry and pomegranate PavlovaPavlova with red wine cherry compote and mascarpone whipped cream

Gingerbread Christmas Cake

The wonderful smell of ginger, cloves, cinnamon and nutmeg is a must for every festive table. Inspired by beloved gingerbread cookies, these cakes taste like heaven and look super captivating when decorated with houses and trees reminiscent of small village, covered in snow. These are the six gingerbread cake recipes that will leave your guests in awe.

Sources: WinterwonderlandGingerbread cake with caramel cream cheese buttercreamGingerbread cake with cinnamon buttercreamSoft gingerbread cake with sparkling cranberriesSalted caramel gingerbread cake with orange buttercreamGingered Christmas fruitcake with rustic decorations

White Christmas cake

Classy table deserves a classy cake, and there’s nothing more elegant than a completely white cake served on glossy white porcelain. Go for this wonderful peppermint cheesecake with a dash of pink inside or a chocolate peppermint cake that will satisfy any chocaholic. But you can always choose an overall white cake and decorate it with fondant snowflakes. Let it snow every Christmas!

Sources: Layered peppermint cheesecakeWinter chocolate peppermint cakeMrs. Billett’s white cake

Christmas Pie

There’s no Christmas without a good pie. I think we all agree on that. And the real Christmas pie needs to include cranberries. Not just because they add this great sour twist to any dessert, but because they look so beautiful when placed on top of any pie or cake. Especially when rolled in sugar, imitating the frozen land outside. These are the pies you want to try the next time Santa comes over.

Sources: Cranberry custard pieHohoho Christmas pieCranberry orange custard pieCranberry gingersnap pieApple pie in the starsCandy cane pie

Christmas roll cake

Roll cakes are a quick and effective solution when you are aiming at a good looking and tasty dessert. They carry a cool retro vibe and will definitely take your guests back in time to remind them how their grandma used to bake that amazing strawberry roll cake for them. Christmas roll cakes will look great in traditional colors, such as red and white. For a cheerful variation try covering them with whipped cream and sprinkling them with colorful or glittery sprinkles.

Sources: Red velvet yule logChristmas vanilla roll cake, Red velvet cake roll

Red velvet Christmas cake

Red and white cakes wear Santa’s favorite colors and are traditionally served during Christmas festivities and Valentine’s Day. Made of chocolate biscuit that was colored with red food color and filled with white cheese filling, they make a true eye catcher. Serve them as a traditional cake or as modern variations such as lava cakes and red velvet pancakes.

Sources: Red velvet layer cake with cream cheese frostingRed velvet pancakes with cream cheese syrupRed velvet molten lava cakes

Funny Christmas cakes

To please your kids this Christmas or just to please your everlasting inner child, take a move towards inventive Christmas cakes. Play with shapes and colors to create different objects that recall Christmas feel such as lovely Christmas winter hat cake or make a Rudolph cake with a surprise inside. We simply love the idea of Nigella’s Christmas rocky road cake. Let the kids decorate this cake with their favorite miniature toys.

Sources: Winter hat cakeRudolph cake with a surprise insideChristmas rocky road cake

Have you decided what’s going to be your cake of the year? Share your thoughts in the comments bellow.

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