Christmas trends 2017-2018 report

With Christmas cheer just around the corner and everything set and done, we’ve looked into what next year’s Christmas trends will have to offer. The four major trends for 2017 are bold, fun and filled with appreciation for nature and good old handcrafting. Just the way Christmas is supposed to be.

Let’s take a look at what will sparkle on your next year’s Christmas tree.

1. Joyful celebration

This trend is largely inspired by your childhood memories and precious objects that you loved to play with. Easily assembled while visiting flea market or your grandma’s attic, this fanciful celebration of joy is a patchwork of materials, patterns and objects, guided by your favorite fairy-tale characters and fun figures that you bought on your holidays. A rule of thumb for this one? As long as it makes you happy, it works!


Eclectic collection of flea-market finds evokes nostalgic tone.


Funny animal figures are juxtaposed by minimalistic Christmas tree settings.


Traditional folk art in a bright and joyful color scheme brightens up winter.


Lace, crochet work and embroidery get inspiration from fairy tale characters.


Iconic and stylized forms made of natural materials create original Christmas décor.


Main colors: blackberry, lavender, silver, waldmeister green, honey, melon and marzipan.

2. Authentic tradition

This Christmas trend is all about craftsmanship, natural shades and raw materials. As Christmasworld fair 2017 / 2018 puts it: “Trends for 2017/18 represent a call to take advantage of Christmas and other festivals during the year and create some agreeable time out for oneself.” Therefore the return to making things by hand is a way to stop the ticking clock and enjoy in a happy and relaxed festive atmosphere.


Celebration of high quality products that are manufactured with dedication.


Hand-vowing, knitting and embroidery all play equal role in this valuable handling with tradition.


Natural materials such as cord, linen and unpolished wood are used abundantly.


Ceramics are glazed with raw-effect finishes and create primitive, authentic look.


Folk art and rustic patterns and combined with ombre effects, checks and tweed.


Main colors: natural shades of brown, quartz, gravel, grey-blue, forest green, almond and biscuit.

3. Touch of nature

This Christmas style is inspired by natural themes and dressed up in muted colors, fine materials and sensitive textures. Clouds, images of water, ice and soft sandy structures are all there to create a relaxing festive atmosphere that is delicate and airy. A gentle touch of nature is achieved through transparency and heavy usage of glass, ceramics and gold-coated metals.


Designs are based on bubbles, clouds, raindrops, snowflakes and ice crystals.


Transparent decor brings the imagery of frozen outdoors into your home.


Fine structures, sandy coatings and grainy finishes create tactile experiences.


A hint of modernity is acquired through the usage of geometric patterns.


Contrasting materials are pulled together via muted color palette.


Main colors: muted shades of soft linen, slate, mint, rose and lime are brought to life by coral and gold accents.

4. Geometrical chic

This eye-catching trend takes inspiration from strong colors, geometric shapes and bold contrasts featured in modernism and modern art. Sculptural elements, architectural features and stylish combinations are joined together to create this powerful Christmas scheme.


The striking visual impression is created via geometric patterns, contrasting colors and clearly defined edges.


When used in monochrome arrangements, similar effect is achieved via items with a sculptural quality.


Geometrical, simplified forms dominate this minimalist, yet effective Christmas setting.


Lacquered surfaces in copper, bronze and brass shine beautifully on deep indigo backgrounds.


Main colors: lapis lazuli, malachite, copper, Carrara marble, onyx, gold, ruby.

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